Russell Janzen
Russell Janzen is a professional ballet dancer and food enthusiast. Although he has only lived in Carroll Gardens for little over a year, he has been visiting the BoCoCa area to see family since before he can remember. The decision to move to the neighborhood was an easy one due to both the calm and beauty of the area, and the comforting reminder of his family and childhood.
Russell has found that the stresses and frustrations of his Manhattan work days melt away when he rips off a hunk of lard bread from Mazzola's or stocks up on locally grown produce from the Carroll Gardens Farmers Market. The pace of the neighborhood and the bountiful selection of delicious food is to him what makes Carroll Gardens the best place to live. In addition to being an avid cook and eater Russell chronicles his food-related adventures (in and out of the BoCoCa area) on his blog-epicuire.wordpress.com
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