Matthew Mornick
Email:  matt@mornick.com
Birthday: May 27th Bio:  Before burrowing into Brooklyn, Matt spent his time working and living throughout the Americas.  Mornick received his degree in political economy and photography from Tulane University.  He has photographed and written for organizations including the Miami Herald, the NY times, UNESCO quarterly and the Wilderness Foundation.  When not behind the lens, he enjoys fly fishing, playing music with friends and exploring his local community.  Matt often spends way too much time debating the socio-political conundrums of our time.   Some Stats Born: miami  Bats: lefty Religion: melody and movement Favorite Childhood memory: hitting a baseball Peeve: unblinking liars Favorite Place: engaged in an instinctive algebraic sum involving shutter speed, thrown light and optical instruments Can't do without: droll mischief Inspired by: a point well made and well received Favorite lyric: "The soul is a verb, not a noun." – DM Curious habit: I eat the entire apple Favorite sound: unbidden laughter How does your mother describe you: strange Biggest question ever asked of you: "Will you repeat yourself or go further than you’ve ever gone before?" –JK About photography: The belly craves food, the tongue craves water, the heart craves love, and the mind craves photographs
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