Flash Picnic Hits Brooklyn This Summer

A surprise musical guest is scheduled to perform at the 2014 Popup Dinner Brooklyn at Prospect Park this summer.

Candles line a table at a past flash picnic in San Francisco. Photo credit: HandMade-Events
Candles line a table at a past flash picnic in San Francisco. Photo credit: HandMade-Events
This summer, nearly 5,000 people dressed completely in white will gather at a secret location in Prospect Park to sip champagne and dine under the stars.

The flash picnic arrives in Brooklyn for the first time on Saturday, June 28, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Guests will get to use their own decorations like lights and tablecloths to deck out their tables as big and bold as they want. While tables will be provided, guests are asked to bring their own choice of food, and bottles of wine or champagne in true picnic style.

HandMade-Events is partnering with The Prospect Park Alliance and Acura to host the event. All proceeds will go to The Prospect Park Alliance to fund park maintenance, operations, and education programs run by the park.

While HandMade-Events has hosted events such as this across the country, they’ve never done it in New York.

“The concept is to bring together New Yorkers in a way that involves planning and creating your own social environment,” said Ahlilah Longmire, a spokeswoman for the event. “It’s also for a good cause, and it’s a trendy way of bringing people together.”

The Popup Dinner Brooklyn is unique in that the location will remain a complete mystery until two hours prior to the event. Organizers will email ticket holders and reveal the secret location. During the first two hours, guests can set up their décor. Next is a cocktail hour with live classical music. The biggest mystery of the night? A surprise musical guest, who will not be revealed prior to the event. But here’s a hint: HandMade-Events owner, Nicole Benjamin, revealed that the mystery performer played to a sold out crowd at Prospect Park in 2013.

Tickets are now on sale for $35 dollars, and you can get them here.

Brooklynites, are you excited for the secret picnic in the park? Who do you think is going to be the surprise performer? Tell us in your comments!


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