No Matter What, Reiki Finds a Way to Help You

Reiki is a way to get to the heart of your energy loss or imbalance. It goes exactly to where you need it, no more, no less. The results? A calm glow inside and out.

Everyone has blue or less than perfect days. The kids get sick, dog or cat, even you, sometimes all at once. The car breaks down; construction on the train causes changes and delays. You break a heel on the way to work or get laid off.Your mate is leaving or refuses to change.

Life can be chaotic and exhausting.

Yet, there are ways to level and harmonize NO MATTER what you are going through.

Reiki is the answer.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that also has healing benefits. As a Reiki I & II practitioner, I constantly am energized by the before and afters of Reiki with my clients. They appear glum and distant and leave, often giving me a hug and a smile with a glow about them.

That's what good free flowing, healthy, harmonizing energy will do for you.

Once I had a client come to my door with the saddest look I've ever seen on her face and this is a woman who has been through a really Bronco riding divorce and now managing three, count 'em, three teenagers alone. But on this day, she just had a new level of pain. Upon inquiring, she said someone where she taught had just stolen $100 from her bag. She said it wasn't so much the money as the act. We discussed and both came to the conclusion that the person who had taken her money surely was desperate and unfortunately, must now experience the karmic results of such a moment of lack of faith.

"Slide up on the table," I encouraged her and we began her session. Her head was so full of heat, I was reminded of what my Reiki master told the practitioner giving me Reiki during training. She said I "was too much in my head." I felt this about my friend, too, understandably, and so I asked my ego and personality to step aside and to pour through me, to help her. I stayed with my palms cradling her head for about 40 minutes and could have gone more, but wanted to body scan the rest of her. Her heart chakra was closed and it opened, finally. My sessions run about an hour and afterwards, I put my client into my big, overstuffed chair, gave her some tea and we talked.

"I feel better," she said, swiveling her head. "I've had two concussions in my life and that spot where you were has always had a dull ache, but it is gone."

She said she felt okay about the loss of her money, too. "I feel humbled and clean," she remarked.

We hugged when she left. "Give me one more hug," she urged and as she walked down the stairwell, she smiled back at me. A week later she texted, "I still feel great. Can't wait for our next session."

Reiki is a gift for everyone. It knows exactly what you need to feel renewed and balanced, harmonized in ways that fit you and help you to overcome any hardship or mind bending occurrence in your life.

Each time I give a session I feel so honored to be part of the process. But I'm just the vessel. Reiki runs the show.

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