Whiz Kids Colin Hoff and Kenny Wolfe

Showing the world that winning isn't everything

Southern Lehigh Intermediate School students Colin Hoff and Kenny Wolfe not only were the first to cross the finish line at the Tri-A-Biathlon, they did it in style. When the two friends realized they were in the lead and would be the first to cross the finish line, they decided to cross the line together - hand in hand. Kenny and Colin have been friends for several years, meeting in lacrosse. Both boys were very excited when they crossed the finish line. Colin says, “I was so happy to finish my first biathlon, and to do it with a good friend made it even better.”

Was this your first biathlon?
Both: Yes

Did you train for it?
Kenny: A little bit. I biked around my neighborhood a few times and I ran once on our treadmill.
Colin: No, but I play sports year around including soccer which keeps me in shape.

What made you decide to cross the finish line together?
Kenny: We didn't want to compete against each other.
Colin: Since we were very close throughout the race and ended up running next to each other towards the end, we decided to finish the race together and share first place.

Did you discuss it ahead of time or decide during the race?
Kenny: During the race, after the bike ride, sometime during the running part.
Colin: It was decided as we were entering the track.

Do you plan on running marathons or biathlons in the future?
Colin: I’m not sure what my future will hold, but I did enjoy the biking and running together in a race and I plan on doing it again next year.
Kenny: Probably biathlons. Maybe a triathlon because I also like to swim.

What would you like to say to encourage other kids to try a biathlon?
Colin: A biathlon is so much fun because you get to bike and run together in a race.  Do it with your friends and do it to have fun and you may surprise yourself like I did!  I was so excited to cheer my brother and all of my friends on as they crossed the finish line.
Kenny: It's not about winning; it's more about the fun of knowing you did your best.

Kenny’s mother, Yun Wolfe was so excited to see the boys cross the finish line, "It made me twice as happy to see both boys--who are friends--finishing together, tied for first."

Tina Simmons October 11, 2011 at 12:33 PM
For more information on the Southern Lehigh Tri-A-Biathlon, see www.triabiathlon.com.


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