City Still Paying Teachers That Stopped Showing Up to Work: Report

A new investigative report shows that in at least three cases, the city was still paying Department of Education employees, even after they skipped out on work.

A handful of employees on the city’s Department of Education payroll have been receiving hefty paychecks, despite not showing up to work in nearly a year, according to the New York Post.

The administrative failure was finally caught by recent external investigations, and had gone on for at least a year despite pleas by the special schools investigator that the DOE address the problem, documents obtained by the Post show.

“It is a recurring problem that DOE employees disappear from assignments for long periods of time but continue to get paid,” said a March 2011 report by Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon. “No one accepts responsibility for the mistake.”

“The problem continues, and the DOE has not reported a plan to correct it,” Condon wrote after another probe in February 2012, according to the paper.

According to DOE spokeswoman Connie Pankratz, these were “unique situations” that were immediately corrected, and all three employees have been since fired.


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