Tunnel Master Bob Diamond Against the DOT

The discoverer of the Atlantic Avenue tunnel is taking steps to sue the DOT

Bob Diamond has had enough.

First, the Atlantic Avenue tunnel was deemed unsafe by the Fire Department. Then Diamond was told his revocable consent form, which granted him access to the tunnel and was issued by the Department of Transportation, was being revoked.

Now he is taking the first steps toward suing the DOT. A letter from the lawyer Peter A. Ouda was today sent to the DOT today on behalf of Diamond's organization, the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association. The letter calls on the DOT to allow Diamond to go back into the tunnel so that he can work to make it safe, and ultimately open it to the public once again.

The DOT was given seven days to respond to the letter.

Diamond has been making a lot of noise ever since the , scheduled to take place in the Atlantic Avenue tunnel on Dec. 4 and 5. The screenings were cancelled by the FDNY who said the tunnel, which has been host to numerous events and tours (led by Diamond) for years, was unsafe.


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