De Blasio Gets Big Bucks From Yellow Taxi Industry

The public advocate and possible mayoral candidate has received more money from cabbies than any other candidate.

The yellow taxi industry has given about $85,000 to Bill de Blasio, city public advocate and possible mayoral candidate, says the New York Times.

According to the article, the money was given in the past six months and came from executives, lobbyists and other affiliates of the yellow taxi industry.

The Times says that the contributions coincided with an “aggressive attempt” by the industry to stop Bloomberg’s plan to allow a that could pick up street hails outside of Manhattan.

De Blasio was vocal in his opposition to the mayor’s plan, saying the administration did not have permission from the City Council, and in May, even filed a brief in support of a lawsuit filed by the yellow taxi industry against the city, says the article.

According to the Times, De Blasio has received more money from the taxi industry than any other candidate.

De Blasio maintains that his campaign has followed all city rules to the letter.

“I am obviously going to go out and raise money for a campaign from a wide variety of sources; other candidates are going to do the same,” he told the Times.

Cheryl July 19, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Might explain his anti-bike-lane/ped plaza agenda.


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