Condo, Hotel Plans Unveiled for Brooklyn Bridge Park

The city's biggest developers are vying for the chance to build luxury high-rise condos and a hotel on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Brooklyn residents spoke out on Monday night against developers' plans for  high-rise luxury condos and a hotel at Brooklyn Bridge Park, according to the New York Post.

Seven of the city’s biggest developers, including Robert A. Levine, Toll Brothers, Two Trees Management and Extell Development, unveiled their plans for 180 condo units and a 225-room hotel on the waterfront, according to the report.

The plan to build private housing and a hotel is the latest bid to fund the renovations of the park, which have been remodeled and re-opened in sections. Last December, offering up alternatives for funding, such as seasonal recreation, vendor payments or a small tax on local residents.

"By creating housing as a revenue generating model, what it does is privatize the park,” said Council Member Steve Levin last year.

The second public hearing in December, though, who enjoyed use of the park, and believed that without the proper funding, maintenance and the continued renovations could not continue.

"The city should take care of its own parks. But that is not going to be done,” said Ray Levin of Brooklyn Heights, last year.

At Monday’s meeting, the Post reported that according to officials, construction on the high-rise buildings and hotel would begin in 2013 and be finished by 2015.

Giacomo November 29, 2011 at 07:53 PM
"congestion pricing will actually HELP drivers. The reason they don't realize this is that people find it hard to think beyond the immediate. All they can think of is "I'm going to have to pay $5 (or whatever the toll is) to drive over a bridge that is free now", where the planners and economists will look at the situation and realize that by implementing a cordon toll, they are actually saving that same driver $10 (or whatever the value turns out to be) in time, frustration, parking costs, etc..." Yeah I guess I'm one of THOSE dumb regular folks who rely on my common sense and real life experience rather than a politician or economists forecast and promises. It's my own fault for not drinkin' the koolaide when they passed it out I guess. (I heard it was delicious)
Michael Brown November 29, 2011 at 08:50 PM
And THAT, in a nutshell, is the tragedy of the commons. http://www.garretthardinsociety.org/articles/art_tragedy_of_the_commons.html
Giacomo November 29, 2011 at 09:20 PM
Garrett Hardin huh..this is the guy you've hitched your wagon to?: "Hardin's last book The Ostrich Factor: Our Population Myopia, a warning about the threat of overpopulation to the Earth's sustainable economic future, called for coercive constraints on "unqualified reproductive rights" and argued that affirmative action is a form of racism. "In 1974, he published the article "Living on a Lifeboat", arguing that contributing food to help the Ethiopian famine would add to overpopulation. Despite his lifelong insistence that population must be curbed to avoid disaster, Hardin himself had four children. "In 1963, Hardin drew heavy criticism from the left for his occasional indulgence in theories that may justify genocide on the grounds of ecological balance. His thesis was defended by his readings of the early Christian philosopher Tertullian, who believed that famine and war were good for society as a whole as a means of solving the problem of overpopulation and resource-sharing. If Hardin were still breathing he'd probably be Bloomy's deputy mayor!
Michael Brown November 29, 2011 at 09:36 PM
Wow, you can look at and quote Wikipedia without reading the original article? Amazing. Do I believe in a lot of what Hardin wrote? No. Do I believe that the Tragedy of the Commons is illustrative of street pricing and game theory and why it is necessary to reference when debating congestion pricing? Yes.
Giacomo November 29, 2011 at 09:43 PM
Oh I read the entire article, that's what piqued my interest into who Hardin was. I especially liked the part of the article that mentioned the mayor in Mass covering up the parking meters for Xmas which Hardin said could be interpreted as a plus for his re-election campaign! Substitute NYC for Mass and bike lanes for meters LOL. And he states in said article that park access must be restricted to save parks from THE PUBLIC, no mention of the threat to parks from business & industry at all.


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