Bloomberg: "For Anyone Still in Zone A, Now Is the Time to Leave"

Updates from the Mayor's office on Hurricane Sandy.


It's official: the storm is here. 

In an email informing New Yorkers of Hurricane Sandy's latest movements, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office noted the storm has arrived and will get increasingly dangerous over the coming hours. 

"For anyone still in Zone A: now is the time to leave," the email noted. "Find
a safe place for the duration of the storm."

Schools, libraries, city parks and beaches will be closed Tuesday, according to Bloomberg. Alternate side parking is suspended through Tuesday. 

Mass transit continues to be suspended across the city, and road closures and slowdowns are in effect at a number of bridges, tunnels and highways in all five boroughs. Closures include: MTA subways, buses, and rail; the Staten Island Ferry; East River Ferry; PATH trains; NJ Transit; the Hugh Carey Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and the Holland Tunnel will be closed as of 2 p.m.; and the northern portion of the FDR is closed.

Some flooding has already begun, and New York City is under a coastal flood warning until 3 p.m. Tuesday. The city is also under a high wind warning until 6 p.m. Tuesday. 

Bloomberg also noted authorities conducted a final sweep of the 26 NYCHA developments in the evactuaton zone Monday morning to alert residents of the mandated evacuation.  

Elevators, heat, and hot water have been shut off in all 26 of these developments in the evacuation zone since last night.

76 evacuation centers across the city are open and will be for the duration of the storm. "Anyone who has prescription medication and goes to an evacuation center should bring their prescriptions with them," the email advised.

"These facilities are open to anyone who needs them, will provide a safe place to sleep, and will have food. Pets are welcome," the email continued.

Though previously left opened, senior centers will be closed Tuesday. 

Sanitation workers are flipping over corner trash bins as they conduct their routes across the city. This is to help prevent the bins from flying away in the wind.  If people see these bins upside down, they should leave them that way.

The Department of Sanitation is also conducting normal Monday pickups.

Public hospital emergency rooms are open and will remain so throughout the storm.

Stay tuned for more updates. 


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