In Sting Operation, Atlantic Ave. Truckers Ticketed for Violations

The NYPD and DOT are cracking down on bad truck drivers near Atlantic Yards.

The 84th Precinct is trying to crack down on Atlantic Avenue’s truck problem near the Atlantic Yards mega-project, where oversized loads, speeding and illegal turns have been a cause for local concern.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the 84th Precinct Community Council, results of a trucking sting operation, which netted one summons, 26 moving violations and one arrest for driving with a revoked license, were presented, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Trucking violations are punishable by higher fines than for cars.

These stings, while helping the problem, are sometimes difficult to plan, because they involve a joint effort between the NYPD and the state Department of Transportation, according to the report.

Transportation around the Atlantic Yards project has been a hot-button issue for many residents, who have had to deal with and . The CLEXY Block Association from a section of Classon Avenue.

Den November 17, 2011 at 07:17 PM
AS USUAL.....NYC and the NYPD have turned this city in to a POLICE STATE. When are the COPS here going to focus on the real criminals
Bklyn Rob November 18, 2011 at 01:30 AM
Den These are the real criminals. Watch people have to jump to avoid being hit and inhale exhaust as they idle. They flout the law and common safety. Now, crawl back I your hole.


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