Cop of the Month: Officer Tyering Yougyal

The 76th Precinct awarded Officer Yougyal the title after helping to arrest two teens involved in a spree of robberies this summer.


An officer's work helping to crack down on teen crime in the area earned him the distinction of Cop of the Month for September, Captain Schiff announced at a recent Community Counsel meeting at the 76th Precint.

A member of the Midnight Patrol, Officer Tyering Yougyal was patrolling Carroll Gardens on Thursday, August 23 when a call came in over the radio that a woman had just been robbed by two individuals.

Yougyal and his partner immediately darted to the location, canvassed the area, and soon observed two indviduals who fit the description provided by the victim moments earlier. The officer called over the victim, who was then able to positively identify her attackers.

"I am of the firm belief that these two individuals were part of the problem with robberies we were experiencing in July and August," said Captain Schiff. "This is a unique combination of a white female teen with a black male teen, who we had heard about before in this area."

Unfortunately, when pictures of the two teens were shown to other previous victims, they weren't able to positively identify the crooks and link them back to other crimes.

"But," the captain noted, "after this arrest, we started to see the numbers in robberies decline. So we believe they were involved and for that reason Officer Yougyal was named Cop of the Month."


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