76 Precinct Puts Smackdown on Family of Heroin Dealers

Officers say brothers are two of the most notorious dealers in Red Hook.

A notorious family of Red Hook drug dealers were arrested and 139 envelopes of heroin were seized during a mid-morning raid on Wednesday, May 2. 

Following an anonymous complaint filed by a neighbor with the NYPD Narcotics Unit, officers of the 76 Precinct spent two weeks building a plan to invade a highly trafficked drug den located at 451 Columbia Street on the sixth floor, police sources said.

The residence had been targeted for the first time this year in January, after a similar complaint was filed. But in that instance, NYPD was unsuccessful in recovering any evidence, according to cops.

This time there was more than enough: After entering the apartment at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, officers of the 76 Precinct recovered 139 envelopes of heroin, having an estimated street value of $1,390. There was also a nominal amount of marijuana confiscated that was deemed for personal use, police said.

Three family members were at home at the time of the raid—a father, mother and son—as well as one associate, according to police. Those arrested included two black males, ages 40 and 35, respectively, as well as a 60-year-old male. 

The three indivudals were slapped with felony charges for sale and criminal possession of an illegal substance. A second son, who was not at home at the time of the bust, evaded arrest.

But both brothers have extensive criminal histories, police told Carroll Gardens Patch.

"Every heroin addict in Red Hook goes here," said an anonymous police source. "We've been trying to get them for years."

In fact, "they were involved in the 2006 Takedown," said police sources, referencing an ambitious period of drug seizures during which more than 140 people at the Red Hook Houses were busted in 2006.

"Nearly all of the defendants were charged with first-degree conspiracy, their bail set at $100,000, sometimes $1 million," according to The New York Times.

Spared during Wednesday's bust was the 67-year-old mother of the family, police said: "To our knowledge, she doesn't participate in what her sons do."

Stay with Patch for updates.


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