Where Should Bike Share Stations be in the Neighborhood?

The Department of Transportation’s Bike Share in NYC has asked the public where they want bike stations in their neighborhood.

Are you sick of walking long distances when you could get from point A to point B faster on a bike?

Well, the Department of Transportation’s Bike Share in NYC program, due out the summer of 2012, will hopefully get you where you need to go with speed and ease.

The program, which will put 10,000 new public bicycles for rent at 600 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, will be a network of self-service docking stations, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bike Share in NYC will be run by Alta Bicycle Share, will be funded by private sponsorship (not taxpayers) and membership will be less expensive than a monthly MetroCard.

The stations will be have kiosks with a touch-screen, a map of the Bike Share system and docks where the two-wheelers will be locked until you rent one. 

Before the stations are placed, the DOT is asking the public to suggest locations of the shareable rides.

What locations in the neighborhood could benefit from the Bike Share program? To suggest a location, click here.

Then tell us where you think would be a effective station, and why, in comments!


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