Spoiled With Riches At Black Gold Records

Attention, vinyl lovers. A Carroll Gardens record store has recently come into a pirate's bounty of musical treasures so vast owners hardly have room to showcase it all.

Black Gold Records, the three-year-old independent record shop located at 461 Court Street, last week purchased 10,000 pieces from a local private collector. The music spans from the 1950s to the present.

"This was a very serious collector who kept things in excellent condition," says co-owner Sommer Foster-Santoro. "There are a lot of really valuable, rare pieces that we're excited to have."

So many pieces, in fact, that the current stock on the floor is being priced to sell in order to make room for all of the new gems. For the time being, much of the collection remains in boxes and in storage at the back.

Are there enough collectors in South Brooklyn to buy it all?

"More and more people are turning into record collectors each day," says Foster-Santoro. "It's not just a trend. You have young kids who have never bought music or held music in this way who are being introduced to it. And once they are, they love it."


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