Petition: Gowanus Must Develop Marine Mammal Rescue Protocol

Following the recent death of a dolphin in the Gowanus Canal, residents say they want to prevent other creatures from being trapped in the toxic waterway.

When a dolphin found its way into the Gowanus Canal last week and died, the story captured the attention of animal lovers across the country.

A necropsy determined that the marine mammal had been ill before visiting Brooklyn, and was likely trying to beach itself. But some local residents feel that a protocol should be developed for preventing creatures from entering the Superfund site at all—and rescuing them should be part of the protocol.

One resulting petition launched by neighbor Vangeline Gand has already gained more than 150 signatures.

"The canal is man made, and its high level of toxicity and pollution is due to [humans]," says Gand. "We need to have a protocol in place for rapid rescue to help these large mammals swim back to the bay when they get trapped. No large mammal should ever die trapped in the Gowanus Canal."

Gand asserts that local officials should explore every option to prevent future deaths in the canal.

"How can the Riverhead Foundation can say in the same breath that the water was not toxic enough to kill the dolphin but too dangerously polluted for human beings to go in? I think they are covering their bad decision," she says.

To sign the petition, follow the link.

Robin February 01, 2013 at 02:57 AM
I hope the 150 people who signed this petition also signed the Petition to save Long Island College Hospital.
Whale Writer February 03, 2013 at 04:33 PM
These people have had their whole lives to do something about the canal and dolphins and they chose to do NOTHING. Once the hub-bub dies down, these do nothing hand wringers will find something else to yap on the internet about. Ms. Grand is a grand moron, if she can't see the difference in a dolphin being in the water and putting people in. For one, NOAA did not give Riverhead permission ( a fact people refuse to acknowledge) Also, NYPD said they would not assist if the rescue team got in trouble. Riverhead has a long history of rescues and attempted rescues where they have in fact entered the water AFTER being given permission. The whiners and complainers need to get their heads on straight. 900 dolphins were slaughtered in the Solomon Islands the same week this happened, I wonder how many of the people screaming at Riverhead made a peep about that?? Out of site, out of mind, the American way.


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