Boerum Hill Apartments Continue To Create Buzz

After being crowned the priciest area in Brooklyn, the brownstone neighborhood has been the subject of increasingly more media coverage.

Last week, Propertyshark.com crowned Boerum Hill as the priciest neighborhood in Brooklyn "on its list of the ten top city neighborhoods ranked by median sale prices," reported the New York Daily News. In the article's wake, increasingly more Boerumian-centric brownstone coverage has been popping up all over.

After years of sitting in DUMBO's shadow, Boerum Hill dethroned the previous titleholder with its current median sales price of $950,000. But if you have more to spend, why not check out the $4.2 million townhouse featured on Curbed.com? Located at 165 Dean Street, the property includes a five-bedroom owner's triplex with "two wood-burning fireplaces, a plaid-ceilinged eat-in kitchen, and, apparently, a wet bar."

If you're already a homeowner but love to ogle other people's abodes, perhaps the profile of one couple's "Budget Friendly Brownstone Renovation" in Dwell magazine will catch your eye? The combined use of IKEA drawers paired with salvaged Douglas fir beams, hand-finished wallpaper and "orphaned" slabs of marble creates a truly fresh and modern look.

(Fun fact: The subjects of the story are none other than One Girl Cookies owners Dawn Casale and Dave Crofton.)

Over on Brownstoner, another story documents a Boerum Hill renovation midway through the process. Owner Lauren Stern shares photos of the metamorphosis taking place inside and out. Some rooms are finished, others feature captions such as "A garden-floor room with radiant heat installed in the floor. Black and white cement tiles will be installed soon."

And if you missed it, our recent write-up of another Boerum Hill family whose home was featured in Vogue is right over here.

Why do you think Boerum Hill has become so popular, readers? Share your thoughts below.

William Harris February 11, 2013 at 03:51 PM
Landed in the nabe 1970 and it was rough sledding. But the uniform scale and design of the area, the diversity, the huge access to transport and always wonderful neigh- bors of all stripes kept me glued. Visit the old days in DESPERATE CHARACTERS (1970), book by Paula Fox, followed by movie with Shirley MacLaine, filmed right across the street on Pacific/Bond. Bill Harris, Boerum Hill
Joanna Prisco (Editor) February 12, 2013 at 12:05 AM
I've never seen the film! Thank you for the tip, Bill.
Louise February 13, 2013 at 01:09 AM
Pacific Street WAS not a street that you would have wanted to live on back in the day...It was a rough neighborhood back then..just like Red Hook. ..Rents are crazy today..saw in the realestate today that on Pioneer St a duplex going for 3800.00 a month..and what the heck is a Jack & Jill bathroom? My in-laws lived on Pioneer St back in the late 50s..probably paid 75.00 a month for the same place..


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