Bloomberg: 'Power May Be Out For Days'

In his Tuesday morning address, the mayor said that roughly 620,000 customers in New York City were without energy — mainly in Zone A.

Those without power in New York City may remain unplugged for as many as three days, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg during a Tuesday morning address regarding storm-related damages.

"The biggest challenges we face are restoring power and transit service," Bloomberg said. "The best ways New Yorkers can help is to stay off roadways so workers can get to where they need to be."

After crediting first responders for their great work and heroism in trying to save lives throughout the storm, the mayor noted hundreds of thousands of people are still without power throughout the city. 

"The challenges our city faces are enormous," said Bloomberg. 

Other key points included:

  • The 76 shelters opened for the storm are open today and will remain open until those displaced can return home.
  • Some subway tunnels have been flooded. As such, public transportation remains closed until further notice. There is no firm timeline for reactivation of train service.

  • City bus service is scheduled to resume Tuesday at 5 p.m. on a Sunday schedule, according to the New York Post.
  • All major airports are closed. There are no flights leaving or arriving Tuesday.
  • The city hopes to have roads free and clear of water by tomorrow.
  • Cab drivers, black cabs and livery drivers are all permitted to pick up multiple fares, even if a passenger is already inside the car. The notice will remain in place until MTA service is restored.


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