Visions for Vacancies: Former 'Five Guys' Space

The Court St. storefront is still dormant. Who has a great idea for what should move in?

The Court Street storefront previously housing Five Guys Burgers & Fries has remained dormant since it close last month. With so many creative minds in the surrounding neighborhood, someone must have a good idea for what type of business could move in. 

The space is equipped to operate as a restaurant, making that an easy transition. But is there something else the nabe needs more? 

An unofficial poll of passersby rounded up the following suggestions. Which would you rather?

1. A vegan restaurant, "there are literally, like, two places for me to eat around here!"

2. A home electronics store, "especially one that deals in Apple products."

3. Doughnut Plant

4. "Maybe a craft beer shop? I feel like all of the good beer is in Park Slope."

5. Other (tell us in the comments section below).

Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello October 18, 2012 at 10:11 AM
There is in fact a great beer store on Court Street: American Beer Distributors. It doesn't market itself the same way nor does it have quite as large a selection as Bierkraft, but it does carry a wide selection of American craft beers as well as German and Belgian beers and they have a growler fill station (although it's almost always dominated by same two local breweries). I'm always surprised when friends who have lived in the neighborhood for several years have no idea about the great selection here; most people assume it's a run of the mill package goods store but most certainly is anything but.


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