Turkey Burger with Applewood Bacon & Cranberry Mayo from Moo Burger

Healthy never tasted so good.

"I can't believe this is healthy," I said to myself as a bit into the moist turkey patty at newly opened on Court Street. So what if there was a luscious amount of mayo on the burger -- it was mixed with cranberry sauce! And the bacon? It's Applewood organic!

No matter how much I tricked myself into thinking my dinner was low-cal, there was one crystal clear fact: the burger was damn good. The bacon gave the turkey what it needed, which was depth of flavor, and the mayo reminded me of a certain upcoming holiday that is ALL about food.

And a burger on a brioche bun is always a good thing.

Now I must admit, Moo Burger is a little confusing. Some of the burgers on the menu, for example Huevos Rancheros, are creative concoctions served on TOP of a beef patty. But still other burger options also feature interesting mixes of toppings, but without the patty. Either way- the three burgers we had were delicious.

I want to go back and try even more. There's one called "The Smoke House" that is pulled pork and an onion ring. That's one of the burgers that comes ON TOP of a beef patty. I think you need to be really hungry, and possibly drunk, for that one to go down easy. Who's up for it?!

One last note: Moo Burger serves wine in medium height, narrow water glasses. It's very pleasant to drink wine like this, and ours came filled practically to the top.


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