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Take Root Yoga Studio-Café Brings Asanas and Artisan Snacks to Sackett St.

The new Cobble Hill business will offer intimate yoga practice—plus, popovers.

If you've ever yearned for a frankfurter right after finishing downward dog in yoga class, a new neighborhood business may be the answer to your oms. 

While owners Elise Kormack and Anna Hieronimus aren't actually planning to sling sausages, their new self-described "yoga and culinary studio" Take Root, located at 187 Sackett Street between Henry and Hicks Streets, seeks to provide both mindful stretching and sustenance.

"I hope to create menus that are in tune with not only seasonal produce but also our body’s response to variables like temperature, moisture, time of day and our relationships," explained Kormack, who was a contestant and winner on Food Networks’ Chopped as well as Sous Chef at Aquavit before opening Take Root with her partner, Hieronimus.

But she insists the menu won't be strictly vegan or raw, like many yoga-inspired diets. "This certainly does not mean, no sugar, no wheat, no meat, no fat," said Kormack. "This means eating everything in moderation and being excited to eat inspired food."

Some such inspired bites appearing on the opening Sips + Snacks menu include A Midsummer's Cake, Popovers with a seasonal spread, Basil Sherbet and Sesame Tuilles. In addition, Kormack plans to host intimate Rooted dinners on Friday and Saturday evenings, beginning at 8:00 pm.

"We started with Rooted to see people’s response to a true artisan meal, where everything from the bread to the dessert was made in house and where Anna and I presented each dish, engaged the guests and answered questions," said Kormack. 

The dinners proved to be highly popular and inspired the couple to open a brick-and-mortar location for their combined passions.

Hieronimous previously taught children’s yoga at The Commons Brooklyn and the Bean Sprouts and Montessori schools in Park Slope.

Perhaps fittingly, her favorite yoga pose is ustrasana (camel pose) because "it is intensely heart opening, leaving you feeling weightless and uplifted," she said. "This pose stimulates our limbs, including the chest, abdomen, and thighs—the entire front of the body is fully involved, thus, improving digestive and respiratory systems."

Leaving one open to nibbling some goodies afterward, no doubt. But owners assert Take Root will be different from in the not only because of their focus on food, but because classes are designed for small groups: adults, no larger than seven students, and children, no larger than 10 students.

"We want to really encourage the one-on-one teacher student assistance and the intimate group dynamic that is so lost in most studios," she said. "The room is small and cozy to cultivate a real sense of community with the other few students in the room." 

One children’s workshop starting in August wil be called Stretch, Grow, Play and a Prenatal Workshop titled Make Space + Let Go is on the wayHieronimus has also hired teachers, including her sister Mare Hieronimus, who has taught yoga and performed in dance and movement integration theater for nearly 20 years. She is starting off with a workshop titled Cultivating Shakti Flow, focusing on harnessing the female energy.

With all of these exciting plans being made in preparation for the July 29 opening, it's a good thing the couple just found a home nearby.

"No joke, our landlord told us last week she is selling our apartment and we have to leave," said Kormack. "So while opening a studio, we were on a mad search for an apartment and, as fate would have it, we found one on Henry and Degraw—right around the corner from our new studio! We are very excited to soon be fully invested in a new neighborhood."

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