Karloff Set To Reopen On Thursday, June 28

The Cobble Hill restaurant has undergone a complete interior renovation, with a new internationally inspired menu to match.


Though it spent a little more time inside of its coccoon than originally planned, Restaurant will finally emerge this Thursday, June 28 a fully developed butterfly.

After nine weeks dormant, undergoing an interior renovation and menu revision, the former will reopen on Thursday, June 28 as an internationally inspired bistro. 

Gone is the ice cream case where strollers and children would line up. In its place, a white marble bar lit by reclaimed vintage lighting elements. The eclectic array of tables and chairs that previously provided seating have been replaced by a collection of glossy, dark brown furniture. On the walls, where chalkboard paint once displayed specials of the day, aged wood paneling now gives the illusion of a magical house in the woods—complete with a series of mysterious blue- and gold-trimmed doors that do not open.

The effect is casual refinement—the type of place you might go on a date, or with a group of girlfriends, or even take your parents on a family birthday.

"We want to be comfortable but upscale," said chef Vince Visceglia during a recent tour of the new space. "This way, whether you're wearing jeans or a suit you still feel like you can come here."

The , owners said, could be attributed to a series of issues, from unreliable contractors to delays in beer taps. But now they are "ready to go."

And ready to make a toast.

All of the suds available will be craft beers, noted Visceglia. "We're not running with Budweiser or anything like that," he said. "In addition, we'll have eight different bottled beers to start and 20 wines."

The menu has similarly received an upgrade.

"I'm using heirloom tomatoes and other organic ingredients to create an international menu that will appeal to a lot of different tastes," Visceglia said.

Some of the new items will include an organic hamburger mixed with short rib and brisket ($14), pulled pork sliders dressed in a signature ginger barbecue sauce ($12), and a spicy chorizo that has been pan seared then braised in stout.

"There will also be four to five vegan and vegetarian items available at all times," said the chef, making a play for an untended demographic in the neighborhood.

One example of a vegan dish Visceglia prepared in a preview tasting was the vegan burger, whose patty is composed of black bean, Southwestern spices, red and yellow bell peppers, mushroom and quinoa, topped with avocado on a whole-grain bun and joined by a simple side of arugula dotted with balsamic.

Another option will be a vegan bratwurst that has been cooked in beer, grilled, smeared with aioli and served with roasted red peppers.

And what of that much trumpeted ice cream case?

"It wasn't conducive to the aesthetic we're trying to achieve and the new menu direction," said Visceglio.

The restaurant released this official statement on the matter to Carroll Gardens Patch:

"We loved and we wish we could have continued to purchase it at the capacity that Jane wanted us to. But, in retrospect, for what we wanted as a business, some changes needed to happen. We wish Jane the best of luck in all of her endeavors. Hopefully, in the future, Jane and Karloff can do business again."

But, fear not, dessert lovers. Karloff hasn't forgotten about your sweet tooths: A flaming bourbon-glazed bread pudding ceremoniously arrived at the table at the end of our tour to sate any sugary cravings.

Flaming bread pudding?

Now that's something to scream about.

Molly Friedman June 23, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Looking forward to trying it, tho he may want to rethink the aioli on his 'vegan' bratwurst as it is typically made with egg yolks.....more vegan choices in the neighborhood would be great...and not just burgers!
Troy Farmer June 27, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Nice. Very glad you all will be keeping things vegan-friendly, Vince. Looking forward to coming by and checking out the new menu and space. We would LOVE to have a vegan brat with vegan aioli. That'd be awesome.


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