GoogaMooga Unveils Details for Paid Ticket Options

Hang with star chefs, attend private events and eat nonstop—for a price.

the weekend of May 19 and 20 released additional details to a select group of press Tuesday evening regarding all-inclusive (aka "Extra Mooga") packages that fans will be able to participate in for $250.

While the details of which musicians will be playing the two main stages that weekend shall remain a mystery until Monday, April 23, concert founders Superfly—perhaps best known for creating Bonnaroo—gathered media together at Momofuku's Booker & Dax on April 17 to disclose exclusive entertainment options available to those willing to pay a premium at The Great GoogaMooga Festival, as opposed to general admission guests attending with registered free tickets.

"This is going to be an over-the-top experience using multiple venues," said Superfly Co-Founder Jonathan Mayers. "April Bloomfield [of The Spotted Pig] will be breaking down a pig in one tent. Marc Maron's WTF will be holding a live podcast in another. Allan Benton will be hosting 'Hammageddon,' our heavy-metal tribute to pork, and we'll have some great private music performances, among others. It's really a mini-festival unto itself and it will include your food and drink."

In fact, the "Extra Mooga" $250 experience offers 20 different events per day, ranging from culinary seminars to VIP music and comedy shows to mixology demos, tastings and theme parties, in addition to 24 menus of bites and beverages.

Cocktail offerings have been curated by Carroll Gardens' own Julie Reiner, of . Meanwhile, Manhattan restaurateur and Top Chef judge Tom Collichio is coordinating a slew of food stations under the "Collichio & Friends" umbrella, which will rotate pop-up feasts from GoogaMooga vendors with exclusive offerings from out-of-state eateries such as Los Angeles-based Umami Burger.

The "Extra Mooga" experience will take place within four designated areas behind the main stage, dubbed the "Boathouse," the "Pagoda Stage," the "Spiegel Tent" and the "Kitchen Theater Tent." It will also include separate access to and from the venue and a special main-stage viewing area apart from general admission guests. 

Though journalists pressed for the name of even one act to appear on the musical roster, Meyers remained focused on "Extra Mooga" details.

Another Superfly festival based in California, Outside Lands, released its lineup this week, announcing headliners such as Metallica, Foo Fighters, Neil Young and Stevie Wonder.

"The acts won't be quite on the same level as that event," acknowledged Mayers to Patch. "But we think that people are going to be very excited to see who will be playing."

He then smiled and kept his lips sealed.


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