Black Mountain Wine House Sets Record Straight on Expansion Project(s)

The new Smith Street sister restaurant will not be serving French fare after all.

Fried chicken is the new pommes frites—at least as far as 270 Smith Street is concerned. The owners of reached out to Carroll Gardens Patch on Thursday to set the record straight regarding misinformation on their new sister space set to open in August.

"We're not opening a French restaurant at the Sue Perette location," said BMWH co-owner Regina Myers. "We're going to be serving American, Southern-style comfort foods like pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ, cornbread, and mac 'n' cheese." 

Zut alors! What is this? Let us explain. 

A couple of weeks back, Carroll Gardens Patch which approved the liquor license application by a new restaurant opening in the venue . At the meeting, Community Board members stated that the BMWH sister spot was originally slated for 204 Sackett Street but had  at that location, "so they opted to open at 270 Smith Street with the same focus on French style cuisine including charcuterie, pate, stews, cassoulet like the original plan."

According to Myers, that description was incorrect. 

"The current owner of Sue Perette wanted to sell and we jumped at the opportunity," she said. "But it was never going to be French. It will be Southern, a little more casual—somewhere you can have dinner without breaking the bank. But still a classy and clean place to have a nice meal." 

Though the Southern-styled eatery-to-be does not yet have a name, owners hope to open sometime in August. But for those who were looking forward to beef bourgignon, there is still hope. As far as Myers is concerned, plans for the petite French bistro at 204 Sackett Street are not off the table.

"They're just on the backburner," she explained. "We've been continuing to make friends with the surrounding neighbors there." If the majority of are any indication, it appears to be a desired addition to the area.

"In the meantime, we’re focusing our energies on the Sue Perette location and opportunities that the universe has opened up to us," the owner told Patch. "But we hope to revisit the business plan for 204 Sackett at some point in the near future."

So, eventually there will be three restaurants in the Black Mountain Wine House family?

"Oh, girlfriend, I am planning on about five," said Myers. 

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Jenny July 06, 2012 at 04:29 PM
this sounds like it will be great. she is certainly ambitious.
Danielle July 06, 2012 at 10:09 PM
I ate at Sue Perrette once and enjoyed the food. There was an Italian restaurant on the same block that got rave reviews but closed in less than a year. It's unfortunate that the rents on Smith have gotten so high that there is so much turnover (including Chestnut, and one of the original Smith St. restaurants, Patois, which moved to Little Italy after saying that they got priced out of Smith St.).
ANONYMOUS July 07, 2012 at 10:43 AM
MMMM fried chicken, mac and cheese, cornbread..where are the Mayor and the food police??? Will have to wash this down with a diet coke. Bravo and Good Luck to them..seriously. At least they are not trying to sell us on raw food at a restaurant.. Please don't get this wrong...love the restaurant concept, just hate the selective food control by the Mayor and other "food police"...
Sharon Porter September 05, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Best of luck on the opening - seeing the place already change drastically and looking good!


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