Vegetarians Can Eat Well, Too!

Author and chef Lukas Volger hosts a book party about vegetarian delights at 61 Local Tuesday night.

When Lukas Volger finished his first cook-book, "Veggie Burgers Every Which Way," he was, unsurprisingly, tired of cooking - and eating - the patties that are a staple in a vegetarian's diet.

But soon after he left the burgers behind, he became bored again. This time, he was shocked by the mundanity of the meals he prepared.

"I found I was cycling through the same things," he said. "It seemed like maybe this is something to explore."

And so this creative chef decided to embark on another vegetarian culinary adventure, this time planning creative veggie friendly meals that won't leave you wondering why you gave up more filling foods, like meat.

"As I was talking with people, there was a misconception that vegetarian foods won't fill you up," said Volger.

Volger's new cookbook, "Vegetarian Entrees That Won’t Leave You Hungry," features exciting recipes like Vegetarian Banh Mi and Bulgar Salad with kale, jalapenos, feta cheese, cilantro, scallions and onions fried in cumin seeds. in Brooklyn, his home for 10 years, on Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. at .

Signature dishes like the Bulgar Salad will be available to sample, and 61 Local is putting the Banh Mi on the menu for the evening.

Volger says he "keeps a vegetarian kitchen" but eats meat occasionally when at a party or out to dinner. He says he often meets people with similar eating habits, even in his hometown of Boise, Idaho.

"There are all kinds of vegetarians like I am," he said. "It's really big right now."

In Brooklyn, this isn't too surprising. But Volger said he was shocked to find people in Boise.

"In fact, I am shocked," said Volger about the realization.

The cookbook's goals are two-fold, to inspire people to cook vegetarian dinners, and believe they will be filling enough, and to show people it's not hard.

"It's not super complicated," said Volger. "There's all kinds of easy ways to do this."

Troy Farmer October 25, 2011 at 01:25 PM
This article made me hungry. Early lunch it is. Love Lukas' books, so, sad we won't be able to make it tonight. Can't wait to get the new book though! And excellent use of the word 'mundanity!' Top-shelf, top-shelf.


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