Survey Says: Room to Improve on the G and F Lines

NYPIRG survey reports on this year's progress.

The school year hasn't started yet, but here's a report card you might be interested in.

NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign Report of 2011 ranked 20 New York City trains according to improved maintenance, speed, comfort and seat availability, accurate service announcements and metro card rating.

The score is mixed for the F and G lines, with the F showing improvement and the G lagging behind.

While the F has seen improvements in less frequent breakdowns due to "mechanical failure", the dreaded G has worsened, with reports of even more frequent service interruption due to construction and breakdown.

When ranked in terms of accurate service announcements, we saw much of the same: F train service announcements improved in accuracy along with the 3 and R trains which run through Borough Hall, while again the G declined.

The G also was ranked the dirtiest of train lines, with survey results reporting "moderate to heavy dirt".

The F was ranked number seven in terms of metro card ratings at $1.20.

While we applaud the MTA for working hard to keep the F moving, it might be wise to steer clear of the G if we want a prompt clean ride to get us around - maybe next year will be better.


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