Lucien Zayan, owner of The Invisible Dog Art Center

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Spotted: Outside his gallery, , on Bergen Street between Smith Street and Boerum Place.

When did the gallery open?:  The gallery opened in October 2009. I live right next door.

Was there a particular idea that the gallery was based on — what was your inspiration?: Inspiration of this project came through the building, when I met the building, when I saw the building for the first time.

Can you tell me a little bit about the building?: This building has been a lot of things — a goat cheese factory, a carriage factory. And in the 60s, a belt factory, then earrings, necklaces, things like that. From 1970 to 1995, it was The Invisible Dog Leash Factory. (Read the whole story on the gallery’s site.)

How does the space affect setting up exhibitions?: I’m not a commercial gallery. My goal is to show art, not to sell art. So we have several spaces -- the ground floor, upstairs, the basement, the garden. I focus more on installations since the space is huge.

Can you tell me about your artists, and why you choose to represent certain ones?: There is no recipe. I meet them, I like their projects, I talk with them. Some artists introduce me to other artists. There is no real recipe to find the artists. I don’t have a policy — it really depends on when I meet them. 


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