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Cobble Hill Theaters Crowded in Wake of 'Dark Knight' Colorado Shooting

Batman fans expressed condolences and concern for victims, but did not see a direct threat to their movie-going experience.

A policeman stood guard in the lobby of  Friday afternoon after Commissioner Ray Kelly stated there would be  at movie theaters showing The Dark Knight Rises. 

He wasn't alone.

Undeterred by the tragic shooting in Aurora earlier in the day—in which an emotionally disturbed 24-year-old named James Holmes threw tear gas into a theater and proceeded to open fire, killing 12 people and wounding nearly 60—fans still gathered in the pouring rain to see the film.

"[The shooting] is awful, but I'm not nervous here," said a young man who lives in the neighborhood.  

Manager Janette Pagan explained that the theater was taking precautions, “watching people carefully” and “checking large bags,” but that no one would be patted down. There had not been a dip in business and no showings of the film will be cancelled, she added. 

A few blocks away at the United Artists Court Street Stadium, no police were present in the afternoon (cops were spotted at the theater checking moviegoers' bags later in the evening), but lines of Batfans waiting to see the movie extended onto the sidewalk. In fact, five afternoon showings playing on seven screens were sold out.

"Nothing different has taken place here," said a UAS ticket agent. 

Parents gathered with children, and students on summer vacation leaving the theater said they were “not scared about safety.”  

"I wanted to see [The Dark Knight Rises]," said a woman named Alexa. "I heard the ending was surprising, and it was!" 


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