Christmas Tree Disposal Options

DOS and the Parks Department will use your tree for mulch


Department of Sanitation Curbside Tree Pick Up

The Commissioner of the New York Department of Sanitation announced today that the city would begin its yearly curbside Christmas Tree recycling program on January 3rd. The program will last until January 14th.

The DOS asks that the trees be removed from their stands and cleaned of all decorations. They also ask that you do not place the trees into plastic bags.

DOS typically collects about 140,000 trees each year. They chip the trees and turn them into compost that is spread on parks and ballfields around the city.

Parks Department Mulch Fest 2012

The Parks Department's Mulch Fest 2012 is taking place in designated parks around the city on January 7th and 8th. Bring your tree to Cobble Hill Park between 930 AM and 130 PM on either day, and you can leave with a free bag of mulch for your gardens or tree pits. The mulching at Cobble Hill Park is co-sponsored by the Cobble Hill Tree Fund.


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