Updated: FDNY Shutters Underground Film Screening for "Various Safety Issues"

Fire Department pulls plug on this weekend's screenings in the Atlantic Avenue tunnel.

Update, Saturday, Dec. 11, 11:20 am: According to Fire Department Spokesman Steve Ritea, the Rooftop Films screenings have been cancelled because of "various life safety issues." Lack of an escape route was one of those safety issues, Ritea said in an email. 

Update, 12:15 am: Rooftop Films has confirmed this weekend's screenings have been canceled. Statement:

We heard from the Fire Department tonight that access to the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel has been closed by the Fire Department. This came as a complete surprise to us, as Bob Diamond and others have been holding events and tours in the Tunnel for years, and we had every reason to believe they were legal and sanctioned. We can't speak to exactly why the Fire Department has made this decision, however, we respect any decision made in the name of safety. 

Tickets will be refunded and all attendees will receive four free 2011 Summer Series tickets. The party that was scheduled to follow at Last Exit Bar is still going on at 4 pm and there will be a screening.


Carroll Gardens Patch just received an email that said the Rooftop Films screening to be held in the Atlantic Avenue tunnel tomorrow has been canceled.

The email was from Bob Diamond, the man responsible for re-discovering the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel and working to restore it for nearly the past three decades. Diamond was scheduled to give his presentation about the tunnel at the screening tomorrow.

More info to come as we get it.

National Geographic was also scheduled to come to the tunnel this weekend. No word yet on whether those plans will be called off as well.

bingo1944 December 11, 2010 at 08:19 PM
sounds like bloomberg was afraid someone might light up a cigarette or something.
Andrew December 13, 2010 at 07:22 PM
I would have loved to seen "The Great Escape" there. Or "Escape From Alcatraz." Basically anything involving digging a tunnel to escape.


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