5 Best Sledding Spots in Brooklyn

Your guide to the best (and least crowded) slopes in Prospect Park, Fort Greene Park and beyond.


Whether you're looking for a gentle toddler slope of a heart-racing drop here are great spots to enjoy the snow. 

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Prospect Park

The park has year-round bathrooms in several locations

Long Meadow

This is the long stretch of the park just inside the Grand Army Plaza entrance. There are some gentle slopes for the kiddies and also a nice hill near the Tennis House. Due to its proximity to the street, this area can get very crowded.

Vanderbilt Playground Area

There’s a gentle hill for the tots of the eastern side of Lookout Hill. To get there, enter the park at Vanderbilt Playground (Prospect Park Southwest at Vanderbilt Street), cross the road, and head toward the lake. 

For a somewhat steeper hill, continue walking along Well House Drive past the Well House and up the hill to the Maryland Monument

For older, braver children, try the steep westerly slope of Lookout Hill facing the Friends Cemetery. Enter the park at Center Drive, Vanderbilt Playground entrance. Cross Park Drive and walk along Center Drive into the park. There will be a path on the right climbing up Lookout Hill. The sledding slope is a steep slope off of the left side of that path down into the Nethermead. After some use that hill can become quite icy and very fast, so be careful.

Tennis House Area

There's a nice hill right inside the park at 9th Street and Prospect Park West.

Breeze Hill

For a very steep and less crowded spot, Plog NYC (via A Child Grows) recommends Breeze Hill on the Ocean Avenue side of the Park, north of the Concert Grove past the Oriental Pavilion. “Walk up the hill and point your sleds south towards the Wollman Rink. It’s lightly trafficked and short but fairly steep. Best for kids eight and above,” Plog writes. Take the Q or B train to Prospect Park. Walk down Lincoln Road towards the park. Keep walking in the same direction and you can’t miss it.


Fort Greene Park

There are four sides to the hill, so it’s never too crowded. For small children, the smallest hill is near the Willoughby entrance off of Myrtle Avenue. If there's a lot of snow, people (such as A Child Grows) have been known to try to sled down the steps, but people have also been injured that way, so don't try it, according to Mommy Poppins.  

There's a wide slope by the tennis courts where several sleds can go down at once. 

The park has year-round bathrooms.


Lincoln Terrace Park

For a less crowded sledding experience, take the 3/4 train to Utica Avenue and walk one block to Rochester Avenue. "This slope is as good as any in the city, and you might get the added bonus of smaller crowds than the bigger parks," according to Brooklyn Parent. If you have a car, in our experience, there is generally street parking nearby.


Owl’s Head Park

Located at Colonial Road and 68th Street in Bay Ridge, this spot was recommended by both a Ditmas Park parent and Brooklyn Parent. The hill is at Shore Road and 97th Street. According to A Child Grows the hill is fairly steep. Note that the park doesn't have public restrooms, so plan accordingly. 


Sunset Park

The park is one very long, uphill walk, from the R line on 4th Avenue, but the park offers a lovely view of the Statue of Liberty and the hill is short but fairly steep. Plus, it has a recreation center with year-round bathrooms, and according to A Child Grows, not terribly crowded. ACG also notes that if you need a sled, you can buy one at the hardware store across the street. Take the R to 45th, the N/D to 36th, or the B63 to 42nd.

Dave J February 09, 2013 at 03:42 PM
Where can I buy a sled in prospect heights area?
Amy Sara Clark February 09, 2013 at 04:04 PM
Hi Dave, Good question! Anyone see them for sale? I just called Mayday and they don't have them. Target has them if they're not sold out. -Amy
Sharon Porter February 09, 2013 at 06:17 PM
Loved this article. Way to go, guys!
Chicken Underwear February 10, 2013 at 12:27 PM
a hardware store.


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