Anti-Fracking Activists Stake Out Bergen St. Station

Volunteers with consumer group Food & Water Watch handed out fliers at multiple subway entrances around the city this morning, in an effort to inspire others to call Governor Cuomo.

Fracking may not target any locations in the concrete jungle, but that didn't stop Brooklyn and Manhattan activists from speaking out on Tuesday, urging morning commuters to call their Governor and insist he ban the controversial drilling process in New York State.

Volunteers from the consumer group Food & Water Watch staked out various stations throughout the city, including Bergen Street in Boerum Hill, handing out fliers and asking neighbors to join their cause on Tuesday morning.

"I'm with you!" yelled back one woman as she rushed down the stairs to her train.

"Well, thank you," said Senior Organizer Eric Weltman, moving on to the next person approaching, arm already extended with flier in hand.

Fracking is a natural gas drilling method that "has been tied to drinking water contamination, air pollution, environmental degradation, climate change and public health risks in states where it occurs," the group wrote in a released statement.

As Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to vote on the process tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 13, Weltman, a Cobble Hill resident [featured in the video above], felt it was imperative that taxpayers take a stand now.

He himself stood outside of the Bergen Street station from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. this morning to help spread the word. Watch the video above.


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